Carolyn Thayer Interiors is a Nantucket based interior design firm working to combine practical classics with modern function to create a style of endurance and beauty.

Working with a clients desires, Carolyn Thayer Interiors can transform a house into a magnificent home while striving to maintain individuality with the elegance expected of a discerning clientele.  With a team of support, Carolyn has the ability to focus on design while the team works to propose, order and deliver in a timely and professional manner.

Recently voted “Best Nantucket Interior Designer” and recognized by Houzz® as “Best in Customer Service for 2017” Carolyn Thayer Interiors, after more than 15 years of determined hard work and satisfied customers, has proven home after home Carolyn can create a design of exquisite every day elegance of stunning decor and deliver with full satisfaction.


The process of creating ideal living spaces begins in our studio where we select fabrics with colors and textures to best suit the living space. From there we add rugs, furnishings and lighting topping it off with art and decor. It’s a formula exclusive to each client as we customize to the individuals and environment.

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